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Storium Prefs

A way of expressing your preferences for game content, style, pacing etc.

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Greasemonkey Scripts

A browser script to enhance your Storium experience. Alter notifications, game page, font, style and many other features

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Who am I? Surveys, writers and gamers.

Like a lot of Storium users, a day or two back I picked up the survey that Stephen and the guys at Protagonist Labs and set to.  And there it was.. one of the questions that it seems everyone has in their head… are you a writer or a gamer? It seems to be something […]

Cabbit's Blog

A blog!

Yes – my enthusiasm to talk about Storium in long-form has finally overtaken my apathy and I have set up a blog!  I’m not intending to make this too-regular a thing or to hold myself to posting schedules or anything like that but more as a place to place my thoughts when they exceed the […]