Who am I? Surveys, writers and gamers.

Like a lot of Storium users, a day or two back I picked up the survey that Stephen and the guys at Protagonist Labs and set to.  And there it was.. one of the questions that it seems everyone has in their head… are you a writer or a gamer?

It seems to be something core, fundamental to the Storium community.  We have writers and gamers and a few folks that identify as neither and a few folks who identify as both.  There seems to be some fundamental divide though.  Most people sit in one camp or the other.  It doesn’t stop us getting along but it does feel like some sort of tribal thing.

For me… well.. I identify as a gamer really but it’s not something I feel passionately about.  It’s a matter of history and happenstance rather than a deep-seated identity for me.

For me there are other metrics that are more interesting and it’s one of those I really want to talk about… see – I sneaked you this far by having you think I was going to go on a pro-gamer rant ;p

Puppeteer <—–> Immersionist

OK – I’m this the metric that seems to dominate my thoughts most – mainly because I am so far towards one end of he scale.  Anyone who’s played with me knows which pretty much immediately.  But first let me explain it.  The puppeteer is more traditionally a ‘writer’ aspect whilst the ‘immersionist’ a gamer aspect.  The puppeteer, in extreme, is in complete control of their character – there is no hoop through which they can’t make them jump and no u-turn that cannot be spun through so long as it serves the whim of the player and the needs of the story.  The immersionist, on the other hand, is driven by their character.  It assumes and identity and personality that they ride along with rather than control.

As with most metrics – most folks tend towards the middle quarter.  I’m nudging up against the very edge of the immersionist end of the scale.  I’m often entirely blindsided by something a character of mine does and occasionally find out about it after they’ve done it and I’ve hit the ‘publish’ button.   As with all extremes – it causes me problems.  I have characters who run contrary to the plot and it doesn’t matter how many times someone berates me for it – if the character is intent on going one way then writing something else is, for me, abandoning the character.

So there – it is.  I don’t really feel attached to the tag of “gamer”.  I do feel attached to the tag of “immersionist”.  It might be a subtle different to a lot of folks but it matters to me.

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