Storium Scripts

What are the Storium browser scripts?

OK – this is just a very brief overview and will be expanded on when I get time.

These scripts run in your web browser, using a plugin / extension / add-on (terminology varies depending on browser).  The two most common of which are:

What scripts are available and what do they do?

There’s currently a total of three scrips:

  • Storium Improver: The main script that does a whole massive magnitude of things.  I will start to list them here but for now – take a look at the script’s page and to get a flavour.
  • Storium AutoLink: Makes hyperlinks out of URLs when it finds them in pages, comments etc.  Also links up @Username style text to profiles pages.
  • Storium Notification: Adds desktop notifications for Storium.  This will probably get folded into the main script at some point.

Where can I find out more?

Well – there’s a forum topic in Storium where you can get updates, request further information, ask for features etc.  You can also email Ssieth: [email protected]